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Welcome to Kindergarten

ChatterPix video by Daniel

Kindergarten student, Daniel, used the ChatterPix application to make a picture he took of Four Seasons talk. In Kindergarten, we use ChatterPix to animate artwork and create stories.



In the Kindergarten Classroom

Kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth. Kindergartners learn about themselves and the world around them. We explore and teach the arts in the classroom and visit arts specialists during our day (music and dance). As Kindergarten teachers, we provide routines in which we can engage creativity and guide learning.

Your Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Goals based on State Standards

Kindergarten Teachers

Our Math Curriculum: HMH Into Math

Into Math is focused on helping students see themselves as mathematicians and enjoy learning math. These are two important ideas in SPPS math as we inspire students to become lifelong learners.

Every student has the opportunity to build their mathematical understanding and demonstrate proficiency through different kinds of activities and lessons. See the resources below for more information about what students are learning in their math classes.

HMH Math and Waggle