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Mission and Vision

The Mission and Philosophy of the A+ Model


Mission Statement

The mission of Four Seasons A+ Elementary School is to build a respectful, successful learning community through art-centered and technology-enhanced practices that develop intelligent behaviors in all students.

Philosophy Statement

Schools that work for everyone: teaching in ways that children can learn. By using the arts to provide curriculum and instruction that are integrated, experiential and designed to tap into Multiple Intelligences, A+ schools teach in ways that children learn.

The A+ program at Four Seasons combines interdisciplinary teaching and daily arts instruction to create a third entity: a powerful learning force that positively affects all students in the school through hands-on, interactive learning experiences.

The four premises on which an A+ program is based are:

  • Students respond best to interdisciplinary teaching when it involves hands-on, interactive experiences in the classroom that are challenging and enjoyable.
  • The arts build community in diverse classrooms.
  • Students demonstrate learning in a variety of ways.
  • Students gain confidence and are encouraged to explore unfamiliar subject areas when teachers recognize the students' special skills.

At Four Seasons we are committed to providing information and documents to families in multiple translations as well as providing interpreters at families request.